Work Life Balance this Summer


It’s an exciting time for Story Muse & Co. as we’re getting into the swing of things in our work lives this summer. Looking back to our starting-out days, we’re pleased to reassure you that things DO get better and you can achieve structure in your day-to-day lives even during the busiest time of the year in this vlogging/blogging industry.

With a ton of projects in the works and the pressures of keeping your kids entertained for the summer, it’s easy to feel stressed. What is it about parenting where we feel like we have to create the most fun-filled summer, whether it’s going to the amusement park, the zoo, or some extravagant outing with our kids?

We reflect back on our childhoods and remember our best days riding our bikes down the street, or playing in the dirt and realize, you know what? My kids can have an enjoyable time doing the same and we don’t have to feel like a lesser parent for it.

Joanna shares that it’s moments like these where she finds her family experiences are more meaningful. As for Amanda, anytime where you’re able to disconnect, it becomes much easier to bond and be present with the family.

It’s necessary to set aside this time as a parent, but it isn’t necessary to organize activities that might add more stress to your plate. Just because you have a huge workload in the summer, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise the quality of your family life.

This year, Joanna’s sent her kids off to day camp, where she can allot time to work during the day. Though she initially felt guilty sending her kids away to camp to help her work schedule, she’s found that her kids are loving the new routine too!

Don’t forget that your happiness has an impact on the rest of your families’ happiness too. If you need to make some changes for a more agreeable work-life, chances are this will work to your family’s advantage as well.

Hope you’ve all found the right groove for you and your family this summer!  

Watch our live video here if you’ve missed out on our chat about Work Life Balance this Summer:

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