Creating online video: All things tech, where to start and what to buy

tech video

By Patra 

“Stay coachable. Up your game. Learn something new. And, always reflect on how far you’ve come”

Joanna chose this topic, but it is so Amanda’s niche. As I’ve been researching and looking up articles, I have found that women in tech have slowly become more prominent in the space, which really excites us

Friendly reminder: It’s OKAY to like tech and it’s OKAY to get nerdy!

Want to get nerdy with us, but not sure how? Teach yourself. Use YouTube tutorials, check out someone that you admire and see what equipment they use and use everything as if it’s on trial.

Cameras are expensive, am I right? Start with your phone! The comparison of a video filmed off of your phone and one filmed off of your camera is difficult to see unless the two are side by side. Mind you, once you get really into it, it is nice to invest in your equipment.

When you’re looking at purchasing cameras make sure you read reviews. Check out the aperture (think of a camera lens like an eyeball in terms of how light absorbs and reflects), auto settings until you get acquainted with the specifics, and be sure to look for good stability and a user-friendly screen.

A good quality microphone is always easy to pick out in videos, but again, no need to rush to invest in one when your phone or camera already has one. A directional microphone might be a good option to explore for those that like to film in public places such as a coffee shop as they help to avoid picking up background noise and chatter.

But start slow when building your equipment collection.

Tips and Facts:
-If you’re filming off of your phone, always hold your phone horizontally.
-The back facing camera lens has higher pixels and makes for better quality when filming.
-Cameras need software updates too (yeah, we were just as surprised).
-Second-hand cameras are great for those with a strict budget. Rentals are also an option.


-Amanda’s vlogging camera – Sony a5100.
-Joanna’s vlogging camera – Canon G7X Mark2.
-Lighting: LED lights, plug in (over battery powered) with 5600K capabilities. IDEALLY, you want natural light from a large window.
-A 3 point system lighting, like aSoft box from Cowboy Studios for example, is a big winner among beginner creators.
-Microphones: Rode Lav+ microphone, Rode smartLav+, and Blue Snowball mic, Blue Yeti mic.
-Video Editing: Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premier Pro, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker.
-Photo Editing: VSCO, Snapseed, Afterlite, Facetune.

Where should you buy your equipment? Amazon is a great option because it has a great return policy, and, you can shop from the comfort of your own home.

For more details, check out the video on our Facebook page. Want to hear more, but maybe in the form of a PODCAST? Let us know in the comments! We are always eager to hear your feedback.

The ground in this space is being paved and we’re all still learning our way around it. It’s amazing just how much there is to discover. With so many options in terms of tools to help you, never hesitate to do that extra bit of research and always make sure you have a good return policy to fall back on. Surround yourself in something driven by your passion and let it guide you whether it’s in tech, storytelling, photography and more. Don’t be afraid of the middle school insult of being called a “nerd”, it’s something that must be (l)earned so wear it proudly.