Fittingly established on International Women’s Day (March 8th) 2017, Story Muse & Co. was born from Amanda and Joanna’s love for the digital space and all things online video. After building their own online brands, including their popular YouTube channels, Amanda and Joanna realized that there was a lack of representation for women, (more specifically mothers), in the online video world.

Amanda and Joanna are now using their collective years of knowledge and experience to help others build their brand online. Joanna and Amanda have a passion for speaking and educating about all things YouTube, online video and social media, whether it’s to fellow creators, influencers, brands, or marketing teams.


Amanda MulherinTrailblazing the way as one of the original moms on YouTube as AmandaMuse, Amanda has created an incredibly engaged community online, both as viewers of AmandaMuse and within the YouTube community.

Amanda began her online journey while documenting her start to motherhood with her two children, while living as an expat in Malaysia.

Now living in the Toronto area, AmandaMuse has become a lifestyle brand, where Amanda shares her views on life and beauty on YouTube, traditional media, social media and her live online shows. Amanda embraces the highs and lows of life, while showcasing optimistic authenticity in motherhood and womanhood.


Joanna VendittiResiding just outside of Toronto, Joanna has a passion for sharing her journey through motherhood, while balancing being an entrepreneur. During her lonely twin pregnancy, Joanna decided that once the dust settled, she’d give people a fly on the wall look into her world, navigating life with four kids, while not losing herself along the way. What initially started as a blog, Nesting Story, has now branched out into online video, including vlogging on YouTube.

Joanna gained world-wide media attention in 2015 when she hit a viral nerve sharing her body positive journey online. Today she is loving continuing to share her story on Nesting Story, as well as regularly creating content for Baby Center.

Joanna’s honest, fresh and inspirational outlook on motherhood and womanhood continues to touch people’s lives around the world.